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At some point in your life you might want to have a personal website of yours. A personal site can serve various purposes; you can use it to connect with your family and friends (a sort of personalized social networking site), or to share your ideas (kind of a personal diary), or to get noticed on the web by potential employers (a type of resume, only cooler). In short, if you don’t have a personal website yet, you ought to get one now! These days, you don’t have to be geek to make a website of your own. There are plenty of platforms available online that offer the ease and tools to build your own website, without knowing HTML or any other fancy programming language. After just following a few easy steps, you’ll be owning and running a website of your own. How cool is that! Get a site builder—or learn the HTML. The latter one may not seem to be a feasible option for some, so, getting a site builder is the easiest and the quickest way to start making your own website. There are plenty of site builders available online, for example ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’, just to name a few. There are also the ones which offer their services for free. After you are done choosing one of the site builders, you would want to decide the structure of the site you’re building, that depends entirely on the purpose your personal site is going to serve—a site made to boost your career will definitely be different in structure to a site that’s made to connect with your friends and family. So, you may want to spend some time, figuring out the structure that serves your purpose best. Get a host and a domain name. Again, you have a lot of options available for hosting your site. Why do you need hosting? To get a server where your files and everything that makes up your website are stored. Now, the domain name is the crucial part of this whole process of setting up the website. You need a domain name that is simple, easy to remember and can easily appear on google when searched about your website. Usually, the sites offering hosting services are also the ones which offer you to set up your domain, or sub-domain (though domain is preferred over sub-domain due to its simplicity and ease to remember). Set up the content and look out for some other details. After you are done with the major technical part, you would like to decide the nature of your content in detail. You might also like to work out on your site’s appearance to make it a little bit more interesting and appealing for your audience. Open source graphics design software can just do the work you; you wouldn’t want to spend some extra bucks when you can get the job done for free. Add some pages to it. You would also be tempted to add some pages to your website for various reasons, like an ‘About’ page where you can briefly highlight the purpose and motivation behind creating the website. You can add pages by either HTML based programming or various software built for the purpose, aka ‘web-publishing tools’. One such tool is ‘Dreamweaver’ by Adobe. Upload Stuff. You can add files to your website by logging into the server. For logging into the server, you can type The ‘domain-id’ is the domain name that you set earlier. After you enter this into your browser’s URL space, you will be asked for the username and the relevant password which you’ll already have (given to you by the hosting service provider). Stay in touch and keep updating. Keep your site alive by updating it and coming up with new stuff which might be of interest for your audience. If your site is serving as your interactive resume then you must keep all the information related to you career up-to-date, if the intended audience is your family and friends then keep posting stuff that will keep them in touch with you and your site.

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